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coil master

Coil Master PBag

Coil Master PBag

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The Coil Master PBag is perfect outdoor pouch specifically designed for your favorite kits and e-juice! It can hold virtually a large mod with any atomizers attached in one holder, and an ingeniously cool e-juice carrier in another for easy convenient. Also. an exterior pouch with a zipper so you can your accessories, such as small tools, cottons, batteries, coils, and whatever you can think of. It is made out of beautifully made canvas, tough enough to take a beating for a worry-free experience. Treasure and protect, the Coil Master PBag.

Coil Master PBag Features:

  • Vibrant Colors
  • Superior Canvas
  • Brilliantly Design and Super Stylish
  • Strap and Secure for Mod/Kit
  • Small Pouch for E-Juice
  • Exterior Pocket with Zipper for Accessories


  • 1 Coil Master PBag
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