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Wotofo Mesh Style Coil 10pcs

Wotofo Mesh Style Coil 10pcs

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This rebuildable mesh sheet is an improved and larger-sized one of our previous heating element used in Flow Pro coil head, which is proven to be superior in flavor production by the market. It is a perforated metal sheet in Kanthal A1 material. The mesh style coil sheet measures 16mm*6.8mm with resistance of 0.18ohm to best perform at 40-60 watts. Proper mesh coil dry burning wattage is between 15W and 20W. 

Main Features: 
1. Heats rapidly 
2. Greater contact area to the juice 
3. Break down your juice layer on layer 
4. Solid mesh in stable structure 
5. Resistant to deformation 
6. High durability in usage 
7. Easy to clean and maintain
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